Weston’s MP Calls On Local Health Chiefs To Pilot Consultants’ A&E Proposal

Weston-super-Mare MP John Penrose has written to the Chief Executive of NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) asking them to pilot an innovative A&E model proposed by senior doctors at Weston Hospital.

Earlier in the year, John wrote to the CCG to ask that they consider the Consultants’ model alongside the Healthy Weston Consultation. They agreed and discussions are underway. The senior doctors now believe the best way to prove whether their proposal works is to pilot it immediately, so there is evidence one way or the other.  

John said, “The Consultants tell me this pilot could be set up pretty quickly (within about a month) and that we’d start to see results in a matter of months to prove whether it worked or not. Crucially, they also say it would be completely safe for our patients. With all this in mind, I’ve asked local health chiefs to run the pilot so we can see if it works.”

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