Their New Plan Is Full Of Holes

The Council are producing a new master-plan to define how our towns and villages will look and feel for all of us to live in, for decades to come. It covers the future of what housing, roads and public transport will go where, so the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The Council’s first attempt was so bad it got thrown out, so they’ve been sent back to the drawing board. But their new version is still full of holes. For example it doesn’t mention improving the M5 or J21 anywhere, in spite of all the jams which will only get worse if we don’t act now.

We’ve got to make the Council listen to what local people really want. Their new plan has got to include:

  • More improvements to J21 and the M5 up to J20, plus bigger, better train and bus services, to cut jams and misery for commuters. It won’t be enough to have either public transport or road improvements; we will need both to stop the jams getting even worse.
  • Stop the ‘garden village’ (really a small town) near Churchill, and create new green belt to protect countryside around villages like Congresbury, Sandford, Langford and Churchill forever.
  • Build up not out’ in central Weston to bring much-needed investment and jobs, protect green fields and reduce urban sprawl. We would make Weston a greener and more sustainable community by cutting commuting (because people could live closer to work), making more homes affordable for local people to rent or buy, and creating life and buzz so the town centre is ‘alive after five’.

We Need Your Help!

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