John’s full letter in response to the Joint Transport Plan

I am writing in response to the latest draft of the Joint Transport Plan (JTP). As with the overall Joint Spatial Plan (JSP), there is much to welcome, but also some important concerns. With this in mind, please see my previous submissions (copies enclosed) from October and December of last year which outline the areas I support or oppose, with detailed reasons why in each case.

In summary, I believe the plans should prioritise upgrades to the M5 between J20 and J21, delivering Junction 21 upgrades, and looking at a Junction 20 inland spur connection to the South Bristol Link. I’m strongly opposed to the plans for the A38 corridor between Sandford and Bristol Airport, and the current proposals for Junction 21a seem (with a new small town near Churchill) will make the problems at Junction 21 worse rather than better.

John’s first response to the Joint Spatial Plan is here.
John’s followup is here.

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