Want a vote on the EU deal? Govt has promised 3 (all binding) plus an Act of Parliament

Former constitution minister, John Penrose MP, said the following about amendment 7:

“Even though I spent most of yesterday persuading the Government to change the so-called ‘Henry VIII’ powers in the EU Withdrawal Bill, today’s amendment 7 would make us weaker, not stronger.

“The Government has already promised not only a full-scale vote on the EU deal as soon as it’s been struck, but up to two more ‘ratification votes’ plus an entire Act of Parliament before it becomes law. That’s as much, or more, than even the most fervent democrat could reasonably ask.

“The Prime Minister negotiated a far better ‘stage 1’ deal last week than the doom-mongers were predicting. Let’s not repay her by sending her off to Brussels with an unnecessary and unfair amendment that will only make her job harder.”

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