Weston’s MP welcomes vision for Weston’s local healthcare services

Weston’s MP John Penrose has welcomed the draft vision for Weston’s local healthcare services which has been published by the NHS today.

The document envisages a broader range of services provided from Weston hospital, including GP services, faster diagnostics, day treatments and cancer treatment, a frailty centre, and closer integration with mental health and social services.

John said: ‘these are very welcome and important changes, which will help secure Weston hospital’s long-term future. But do they solve the problem of Weston’s A&E department overnight closure too? I’ve been pressing local health chiefs as well as Government Ministers about it for months, and they’ve confirmed these plans mean that 24/7 emergency treatment will be a permanent part of Weston hospital’s services once more.

“They’ve emphasised there’s still lots of detail to be filled in, about how best to deliver the plans. But even if the service is delivered in a different way in future, the basic principle is clear. It’s an important step back on the road to the kind of health services Weston needs.”

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