The Mail: Companies with shoddy customer service could be hit with fines in plans being considered by ministers

  • Plans drawn up by Mordaunt, who gave a dossier of proposals at start of summer

Companies with shoddy customer service face a crackdown in plans being considered by ministers.

Banks and energy firms that leave customers hanging on the phone would be hit with fines.

Regulators would be given ‘sharper teeth and claws so they can fix bad customer service’, say sources familiar with the discussions.

‘It’s all about making clear the consumer is king,’ a source added.

The plans were initially worked up by Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, who gave a dossier of proposals to Downing Street at the start of the summer.

She drew on a review by Tory MP John Penrose, which included plans to tackle ‘drip pricing’ – which allows airlines to add sneaky charges at checkout – and were included in the King’s Speech.

A source close to Ms Mordaunt said her proposals were based on conversations she has had on the doorstep visiting different constituencies each week, as well as listening to MPs.

Her plans, submitted to Number 10’s policy team, include making it easier to change and cancel contracts and providers.

Ms Mordaunt is expected to launch a leadership bid to succeed Rishi Sunak if he loses the election.

Mr Penrose said: ‘Making the consumer king or queen means we all get better deals because if we don’t like something, we can vote with our feet and take our business elsewhere.

‘It’s the simplest, most profound way of handing power back to citizens.’