John reacts to Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s figures

John has given his thoughts to The Weston Mercury on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s figures on increased destitution.

John said: “I’m afraid money is tight for everyone, but particularly for people like Paul and Gareth who are too ill to find work.

“The problems may have been caused by spiking energy bills because of Mr Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but they still hit home here in Weston. That-s why it-s so important for pensions to go up in line with the Triple Lock, and for benefits to keep up with inflation.

“Taxpayers still have to pay for all this, of course, but I hope and expect the latest increases will be announced in the next couple of weeks, to make sure the money keeps up with the bills.

“Plus our local council have 2.6M Government cash specifically to support vulnerable households too.”