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I am writing to make a submission of my views to the Council’s consultation on the new Local Plan. I am extremely concerned that, as it stands, the current version ignores some extremely important issues which have got to be confronted and dealt with properly.

Local transport

I am very worried that the new plan doesn’t mention improving the M5 or J21 at all. The rush hour jams will only get worse unless we act now. We need improvements to the M5 between Junction 21 and Junction 20, as well as bigger and better train and bus services. Weston and the local villages are all growing fast and, with all the extra housing which will be built over the next several years, the number of people travelling will only increase. It won’t be good enough to have a new Plan that says the answer is ‘either public transport or road improvements’. We will need to improve both if we’re going to stop the jams from getting even worse.


I support building more local homes so they are more affordable for local people to rent or buy. But they need to be in the right places. We should build ‘up not out’ in central Weston and Bristol itself, to create elegant and good-looking 4 or 5 story town houses (not tower blocks or skyscrapers) in a style that matches the best of what is here already. It would bring much-needed investment and jobs to places like central Weston, and create greener and more sustainable communities by cutting commuting because people could live closer to work. Plus it would create life and buzz so town centres would be ‘alive after five’.    

Protecting green fields and the countryside

I believe we must stop the so-called ‘garden village’ (really a small town) which the previous plan wanted to put near Churchill, and create new green belt to protect the countryside around villages like Congresbury, Sandford, Langford and Churchill from urban sprawl forever. The extra houses are much-needed, but should be built in vibrant and sustainable town and city centre communities like Weston and Bristol, rather than concreting over important wildlife habitats and leisure spaces, and clogging up already-overloaded and narrow rural roads with even more rush hour car traffic.  

I hope you will listen and include my views when you respond with your revised and improved new version of the plan.


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