Weston’s MP Welcomes Funding to Decarbonise Local Public Buildings

John Penrose MP has welcomed the news that North Somerset Council, Schools and Academies, and the local NHS Mental Health Trust are getting over £1.2million in Government cash to cut energy bills and make their buildings greener as part of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

The money will go to improve insulation and ventilation, and to replace gas boilers with greener heat pumps that are much cheaper to run, in buildings like the Campus at Worle (where John holds regular surgeries), Baytree Primary School, Heron’s Moor Academy, Churchill Academy and the NHS Mental Health Service on Elmham Way too.

John said: “Going green doesn’t stop when we leave home to go to work or study in the morning; the buildings which our schools and public services use need to part of it too. This cash will go on simple, practical things like more double glazed windows, better insulation and increasingly-efficient heat pumps, so Weston’s public buildings aren’t just greener but cheaper to heat and run in future too.”