Mercury Article: Stacked Summer Event List Here In Weston

There were moments over the last few years when we all felt as though we’d never get ‘back to normal’. Every time we took a step forward, Covid would send us two steps back. But now, at last, it finally feels like we’re getting there… This really hit me when I found myself back doing my weekly surgery meetings face to face again, after 2 years of video conferences and phone calls.

Weston’s impressive summer events calendar is another welcome example. We’ll start June with dozens of jubilee celebrations across the whole of the area, ranging from street parties to concerts. Then, something a bit… different after all the formality and tradition tied to the Jubilee: The National Refuse Championships, where bin men and women race along the promenade for a national title. And rounding the month off, the Red Arrows are back for the Air Festival and Armed Forces Weekend. 

Pride in July is expected to be so popular they’ve spread it over two days and two parks. Upfest, the street art event that delivered the huge Rooster and an array of other ‘Weston Walls’ is also back to brighten up the town with giant murals. Then there’s the Lions Real Ale and Cider Festival, Weston Dairy Festival, Beach Rugby Festival, and Sea Shanty & Folk Festival all hitting Weston in July/August too.

And, perhaps the biggest thing (literally!) happening here since Banksy is ‘Sea Monster’. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, over 200,000 people are expected to visit Weston so it should be good for business.  And there are probably loads of other events I haven’t got space to mention – if I’ve missed you out, please reach out over social media and I’ll gladly share it there. 2022 is the year we’re back with a bang!