Weston’s MP Welcomes Government Cash to Boost Local Walking and Cycling

Weston’s MP, John Penrose, has welcomed £310,000 Government cash for two projects to make central Weston safer and reduce car use by improving walking and cycling routes instead.

The first project is developing a ‘Liveable Neighbourhood’ in central Weston, where people can live within walking or cycling distance of work, shops, entertainment and cultural venues. The second involves safer walking and cycle routes to local schools, such as Windwhistle and Bournville. Combined, the projects will help treble walking and cycling trips in North Somerset by 2030.

John said: “We all know that it’s healthier and greener to walk or cycle if possible, rather than going by car. But that means setting up our streets so they are safe and welcoming spaces for anyone who’s on foot or on two wheels. This Government cash will help create those safe and convenient routes, so we can become healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and save a bit of money on petrol too!