Mercury: Weston’s MP Welcomes Funding To Prevent Homelessness

Weston’s MP John Penrose has welcomed over £578k of Government cash to cut homelessness in and around Weston-super-Mare. The announcement comes just a month after, and in addition to, the Government’s announced £117,938 winter top-up to the Homelessness Prevention Grant.

The money will help deliver local homelessness and rough sleeping strategies – for example, by offering financial support for people to find a new home, providing temporary accommodation, working with landlords to prevent evictions or helping vulnerable households with rent arrears to reduce the risk of them being evicted and becoming homeless. It also includes additional money following the Domestic Abuse Act passed this year, which set in law the need to assist those made homeless as a result of being a victim of domestic abuse.

John said: “Once a person becomes homeless it can be very hard for them to rebuild their lives. There are also serious risks to their physical and mental health. So I’m pleased this money is so heavily targeted at prevention, because it helps solve the underlying causes of homelessness if we step in before someone ends up on the streets.”