John interviewed by local students

Olivia Finch and Jack Clark of WCSA interviewed Weston super Mare MP John Penrose.

They covered issues on climate change and associated problems accelerated by COVID-19.

Both the students have years of experience of interviewing, despite their age of 15.

Olivia was one of the founding members of the school’s Jill Dando News Centre in 2017, while Jack has set up his own climate change magazine, the Green Gazette, as well as a campaign group with 20 student members.

Olivia asked Mr Penrose about the Government plans for plastic bag charges and how he priorities one climate change solution over another.

Jack asked Mr Penrose about his voting record in the House of Commons, and about the UK’s green recovery from COVID-19 and how younger people can help in the local community.

John said: “In an age of grumpy and often anonymous online opinions, it’s wonderful to find people who ask tough questions openly and politely, and who aren’t afraid to follow up if they need more detail to understand something fully. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Olivia and Jack; WCSA can be proud!”

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