Weston’s MP Welcomes Funding To Tackle Homelessness

John Penrose has welcomed £425k Government cash to cut homelessness in and around Weston-super-Mare.

The money is part of the Government’s Flexible Homelessness Support and Homelessness Reduction grant schemes, to eliminate rough sleeping during this parliament and enforce the Homelessness Reduction Act by ensuring local Councils have the cash and resources to deliver the new legal duties which it gives them.

John said, “Homelessness doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s caused by difficult and complicated problems like addiction, mental illness or a relationship breaking down. Fixing those problems means being ready to intervene with a tailored, individual answer to get someone’s life back on track, before things start to spiral downhill quickly. I’m glad North Somerset Council is getting extra cash so they can do this better. It won’t fix everything in one go, but it’s an absolutely essential step in the right direction.”