John calls for Transport Minister to refuse Government funding for unpopular, unwanted Council plans

Weston’s MP John Penrose has written to the Minister of State for Transport calling on him to turn down a Council bid for Government cash for the hugely unpopular and unwanted ‘A38 corridor’ road project.

John, supported by local resident action groups, says the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) focuses too heavily on delivering a new town near Churchill (misleadingly called a ‘garden village’) and does not give enough attention to current infrastructure problems. It would make local transport problems worse, not better.

John said: “Many of the newly elected Councillors out in the villages promised they’d stand against these plans and force the Council to listen more closely to local residents’ concerns. 

“Instead, just two months after they’ve been elected, their leader is saying they support them instead, and is even asking for millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to pay for them. Those Councillors should honour their promises, and opt for greener plans which not only deal with our local housing and transport problems properly, but would be far better value for money too.”