Weston’s MP John Penrose has said how incredibly proud he is of Weston Hospital’s Dr Rachel Morris who has been named regional champion in the prestigious NHS Parliamentary Awards competition to celebrate excellence in health and care across the UK.

John said: “Rachel has done incredible work with her team in developing Weston A&E’s acute frailty service – the first of its kind. With Weston having one of the country’s oldest populations coming through A&E, the specialist support and diagnosis have meant better results for patients, as well as less anxiety for patients and their families at what can be a pretty frightening and stressful time.

“I’m sure the whole of Weston will be backing Rachael and her team to pick up the national award at the NHS Parliamentary Awards Ceremony in the Palace Of Westminster on July 10th.”

More information:

South West Weston has one of the oldest populations coming through A&E in the country. Out of a 241-hospital bed base, 30% of patients are aged over 80 and 60% of patients are aged over 65. The Actute frailty service is the first of its kind, developed over three years. Run by a small team, it cares for the patient and those who care for them. The frail, elderly arrive at A&E with a multitude of complex issues and factors. It’s rarely ‘just a fall.’

Patients arrive frightened and worried, often not about their health but over things like who’s looking after the dog. They may have missed a meal and are parched. Their first question is do they want a cup of tea. They then sit and talk to them to understand their needs, conduct a full gold standard comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and decide ‘what next’ together – admitting into hospital if needed.

Nominated by: John Penrose MP