John says, “We Must Improve Weston’s Bathing Waters”

Weston’s MP John Penrose is hugely disappointed by news that bathing water quality on Weston beach has slipped after years of steady improvement.

The latest figures show that water quality around Uphill has improved, after being rated as ‘poor’ last year, but Weston main beach has slipped back a notch to poor at the same time. Bathing water standards were raised a few years ago, making them harder to achieve than before.

Ministers have assured John that The Environment Agency is investigating potential pollution sources that could have contributed to the problem.

John said: “This is hugely disappointing, even though the progress as Uphill shows what can be done when everyone works together. Now we’ve got to do the same thing for Weston too. We’re a tourism town, so it’s essential we get back up to standard quickly. ”


Work is ongoing between The Environment Agency, North Somerset Council and Wessex Water to establish the exact sources of pollution at Weston Main and drive improvements.

The results are published here:

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