Another Successful Jobs Fair!

Whether it’s films, music or sports, everyone agrees you’re only as good as your last appearance. It doesn’t matter how many awards you’ve won, if your latest film or album was a flop, that’s what everyone remembers.

And even though the Winter Gardens isn’t (quite) as big a stage as Hollywood or Wembley, my team takes the same approach to organising the Jobs Fair. Weston’s unemployment may be pretty low, but we can’t take anyone’s enthusiasm for granted. It’s got to stay fresh and useful for employers and jobseekers alike. That’s why we try to make it bigger and better each time.

So each fair has a few new sponsors – this year we’ve had the Army and the MoD join the ranks – as well as important long-term supporters like The Mercury (natch!), Weston College and McDonalds. Plus more firms than ever looking for new staff. And, on the other side of the same coin, more job-seekers than ever before as well.

But some people aren’t quite ready for the world of work just yet. So we also have organisations that offer career or training advice, as well as some offering volunteering opportunities and apprenticeships, for anyone who’s still in the early stages of their journey back to work.

Sound tempting? If you wanted to come but couldn’t, don’t worry; we’re organising another one in the Spring. Or, if you can’t wait that long, there’s a Facebook group (Weston-super-Mare Jobs Group) which is, effectively, a permanent online jobs fair with new posts advertised daily by local employers. Joining is free!

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