Local Health Services To Get £6½ million Tech Boost

Health services in Weston and the villages are in line for a share of a £40.3million NHS modernisation fund, as a first step towards a ‘tech transformation’ promised by new Health Secretary, Matt Hancock.

Weston’s MP, John Penrose has welcomed the funding, saying:

“Last month’s announcement giving the NHS a big boost of extra cash is an essential first step, but it won’t be enough on its own. Most medics say there’s huge scope for greater efficiency and better value for money in the NHS, but only if the money is spent very differently than today.

“Part of the answer is new technology. Medical science is improving every day, so new tech means we can spot and treat problems much earlier, catching them before they get more serious. Or develop sophisticated new treatments which would be impossible without clever new kit.

“It won’t just help patients either. Taxpayers will get more health for their money, and staff will have the tools they need to handle the pressures of more patients in a growing town like Weston, and of all of us living longer too.”

Notes to editors

Under initial plans for the funding, the South West is to receive up to £40.3million over three years until 2020/21, broken down into £10.1m for 2018/19, £9.03m for 2019/20, and £22.1m for 2020/21. The funding will be allocated to regional Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships based on project bids, so the local figures are currently indicative and depend on bids being approved.

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