John Calls for Date and Details to Solve Britain’s Housing Crisis

Further to his “Build Up, Not Out” campaign, John Penrose MP (former architecture and heritage minister and chair of the APPG on Housing & Planning) said:

“Changes to planning guidelines, although they’re certainly welcome, won’t be enough to solve Britain’s housing crisis on their own, or to stop prices from spiralling out of control for renters and buyers.

“What’s needed are changes to Permitted Development so urban home owners and developers get the legal right to build a few extra stories without needing planning permission. They’re the only way to cut through the red tape that’s holding Britain’s builders back.   

“Allowing people to ‘Build Up, Not Out’ will unlock huge numbers of new urban housebuilding sites and create town houses and Georgian terraces rather than tower blocks. 

“Towns and cities will become prettier, homes will become more affordable and it will be greener as we won’t need to concrete over the countryside.”

“This announcement says there may be a consultation on this in future, but there’s no date and no detail.”

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