John Visits Residents During Village Protest To Listen To Their Concerns And Share Ideas

Protesters were out in force to slam ‘horrendous’ plans for thousands of homes which could ‘desecrate’ North Somerset’s villages.

John Penrose MP, who recently responded to the Joint Spatial Plan that included these proposals, heard about the protest and went along to speak with the more than 300 Churchill and Langford residents who had gathered to air their concerns over the 2,800-home development that would be built on the north-west outskirts of the parish.

Many of the residents shared views that John put forwards in his letter, which can be found here. John has able to listen to reactions from residents about his letter, discuss his ideas to build up not out and also hear their varied ideas.

Churchill and Langford Residents’ Action Group spokesman, Jan Murray, said: “The JSP would turn the village into a town – 2,800 homes is a town the size of Nailsea, and we’ve already got planning applications in for more than our fair share.

“It will be horrendous, with at least 2,800 more cars, if not double that. These roads were built for horses and carts, not thousands of cars.

“And where are the jobs? Where is the public transport? There is a very good alternative site for this garden village at The Vale near Bristol. More than 300 people tuned up to protest at four days notice which shows the strength of feeling against the JSP.”

Congresbury Residents Action Group, who also attended the protest, said: “The JSP would have a devastating impact on Congresbury’s services, roads and quality of life, as well as destroying more countryside and the wildlife habitat.”

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