Breeze Radio: John “Everyone thinks more mums should have their babies in Weston, not less.”

The MP For Weston claims he’s been ‘flooded with testimonies from local parents who wanted to have their babies at Weston hospital but were advised to choose Bristol instead’.

John Penrose has now sent ‘a file of evidence’ to health bosses outlining concerns about the long term future of the facility.

He claims many local parents want to use Weston’s service, but are discouraged because it has been ‘progressively hollowed out so it is not equipped for even the most mundane birth complications’.

The MP said: “The response I got from local parents after posting my original letter on social media was absolutely brilliant.

“Everyone thinks more mums should have their babies in Weston, not less.

“Our local health chiefs have a duty to make taxpayers money go as far as possible, so they need evidence and facts to underpin their decisions.

“This file of personal testimonies should give them what they need to deliver the right services for Weston’s young families.”

In a covering letter with the file of evidence, Weston’s MP asks whether the NHS is using “taxpayers’ money efficiently by putting the only two fully-equipped birth centres in the West of England just a few miles apart in Bristol, on expensive and crowded sites in teaching hospitals, and whether it would be more efficient to move more of the services to Weston”.

He also asks “why it is fair to expect pregnant mums in North Somerset to travel so much further to give birth than their sisters in Bristol or South Gloucestershire.”

To read John’s letter to Health Chiefs click here

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