North Somerset Times: John says care homes need a long-term solution

Following the announcement of an extra £2billion investment into social care, The Weston Mercury & North Somerset Times asked Weston’s MP, John Penrose, his thoughts on whether this is enough or whether more investment is needed …

John said: “The £2billion extra cash is an important step in the right direction. It’s a heck of a lot of taxpayers’ money however you look at it, but we still need a long-term solution.

“British society is getting 
older and, whether it’s for ourselves or other members of our families, we all want to 
know that there’ll be proper 
care when we reach that stage of our lives.

“As promised during the General Election, ministers have launched a consultation so society can decide how we want to deal with this issue. It’s going on as we speak, and I expect it to come up with cross-party plans for closer and better working between community carers and NHS staff, and options for longer-term funding too.”

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  1. Hi there I think it would be best to all parties if social care and care homes were built and run buy local authorities so those who need it get the best service at the best price but they did in the late and early 70s it seems that we are only making certain people rich I’m all for local business but not at the cost of vulnerable people would like to know your thoughts about this and whether you could bring this sort of thing up in Parliament I know the outlay would be huge but the rewards are there in the end thank you for your time reading this all the best John keep the good work up


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