The Sun: John asks Minister if he will push Ofgem to grow a spine…

Energy Secretary Greg Clark told the energy regulator to ‘do their job’ and ‘stand up for consumers’ by capping prices.

The call came after the Commons heard the energy regulator has not formally responded to a Government demand it “does its job”.

Energy Secretary Greg Clark told MPs that Ofgem had earlier asked for a new law so it could impose a cap on sky-high standard rate tariffs.

But he added that would be excessive as the regulator already has “extensive powers which allow it to establish a cap on household energy prices”.

He said families were being ripped off by a total of £1.4billion a year.

Former Tory minister John Penrose blasted: “Doesn’t this show Ofgem is miserably failing to stick up for energy customers?

“Will you push it to grow a spine and introduce a cap without delay?”

Mr Clark said: “The ball is in their court. I expect them to do their job and stand up for consumers.”

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