John brands Ofgem ‘safeguard’ measures a “stitch up”

Today, energy watchdog Ofgem unveiled plans to “protect vulnerable consumers” with a “safeguard tariff”.

But John Penrose, a leading proponent for an energy cap in the Conservative party, said that the plan will help fewer than three million energy customers.

“Ofgem’s proposals will not end the energy rip-off for 17 million families, as we promised in our manifesto. 

 “Under this plan, fewer than 3 million customers will be helped and the remaining 14 million will see their energy bills rise as energy companies recoup the cost of the cap by milking the rest of us.

“This is a big 6 stitch up and as Ofgem won’t help, Parliament needs to step in and legislate instead.”

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  1. Residents of Mobile Homes have no way of switching suppliers when we pay through the site owner.
    Please get the big eletricity companies to connect all residents on mobile homes directly.


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