John speaks with Sky News about the Public Sector Pay…

John believes there is cross-party consensus that more money needs to be spent on public services, but sounds a warning note about the effects on taxpayers about going too far, too fast.

He said “if you are going to try to add extra money to any part of the public sector you’ve got to say where you are going to get it from and that means you’ve either got to borrow – goodness knows we’ve spent so long and come so far to try and get the borrowings down – or you’ve got to raise taxes and that is something which the nation needs to have a much, much clearer view of before we start……”

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  1. Dear Mr Penrose,
    I’m a public sector worker keeping the public safe and my pay freeze means my monthly pay (& I’m not a top earner) in real terms has reduced by almost 6%. Whilst MP’s seem to be immune from real term pay cuts. It would be a sweeter bitter pill if the uk’s deficit was somewhere near to being paid off. Everyone in the country needs/uses public services and yet they are the ones being squeezed dry.

  2. Dear Mr Penrose.
    With regards to where to money is, or could come from, we could start with the Foriegn Aid , This is after all Tax payers money. It would not involve any borrowing, or the need to raise taxes, but simply return monies to the rightful owners, the General Public.


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