MP visits award winning autism care provider

John Penrose visited award-winning local autism care provider ‘Homes Caring for Autism’ today, to see the progress people with autism make when they get specialist help in the right environment.

John was given a tour of one of the organisation’s homes and discussed the Government’s ‘Transforming Care Policy’, which means people with autism who are currently in institutions, but who could be supported in the community, are being discharged and supported by specialist service providers instead

‘Homes Caring for Autism’ support this approach strongly, and want to see even faster progress because most people who are autistic and their families live far better lives under the new regime.

John said: “’Homes Caring for Autism’ was recently assessed as being ‘safe, effective, well-led, responsive and caring’ by the Care Quality Commission, which means local people with autism are getting great support and care. Having heard their views, I will write to the Minister for Community and Social Care to find out how we can move even faster towards the new and better approach in future.”

Richard Smith, Managing Director for Homes Caring For Autism, said: “I am delighted that John visited us and have shared with him the very real obstacles of new sleep-in legislation, and the Care Quality Commission narrowly dictating the specific nature of the accommodation they will register. These factors are stopping the development of new services and will work against the very laudable objectives of the Transforming Care agenda. I am pleased that John will be writing to the Minister on these points.”

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