John asks for confirmation Government will continue his work against voter fraud

In an oral questions session in Parliament, John has asked the Government for confirmation of their continued commitment to the fight against voter fraud.

John asked: “I join in warmly welcoming the Minister to his new position. In the EU referendum The Daily Telegraph’s Charles Moore voted twice, spoiling the ballot paper from his second home, to show how the system could, in theory, be cheated. As the Minister considers proposals to strengthen electoral law against voter fraud, would he therefore also consider a new legal requirement for people with more than one residence to choose one of them in advance as the only place where they wish to be legally registered to vote?”

Chris Skidmore of the Cabinet Office replied: “I hope you do not mind, Mr Speaker, but I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor for the work he has undertaken. He has left me with a rich inheritance.

The incident involving Charles Moore is currently the subject of an investigation, and therefore it would be inappropriate for me to comment on it. I note, however, that the Law Commission report includes recommendations on electoral residence, which the Government will respond to in due course.”

As constituents will expect, John will keep a close eye on this investigation, the conclusions it draws and changes it results in.

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