Cheddar Valley Gazette: North Somerset MP John Penrose delighted by National Funding Formula

MP John Penrose celebrated the end of a long campaign last week as the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced in his Autumn Statement that the Government will introduce a proper National Funding Formula for schools for the first time ever.

The formula is expected to end the unfair system where a child from a disadvantaged background in one school attracts only half as much funding as a similar child in another school, simply because of where they live.

The MP has campaigned with many local schools and parents for years to close a funding gap which saw Weston get £138 less education cash per pupil than Bath, £625 less than Bristol, and a whopping £2,628 less than Tower Hamlets as far back as 2009.

The Coalition Government’s Pupil Premium helped to reduce the unfairness by bringing in extra cash for disadvantaged children, but local schools are still losing out.

John said: “After many of my colleagues and myself, as well as teachers, parents and local councils across the country, campaigned for fairer funding for schools for years, this feels like we’ve finally achieved our goal.

“The details of the new scheme will be covered in a consultation shortly, so I will be contributing strongly with local schools and parents to make sure we get the best possible deal for Weston and the villages.”

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