John Penrose: Protecting villages from unwanted housing developments a major priority

FIVE of Weston’s General Election candidates debated housing and traffic problems when they took part in a village hustings last week.

The event, organised by the Churches of Winscombe and Sandford, was held last Thursday at St James’ Church Hall in Winscombe.

Although national issues such as immigration, the NHS and helping young people were mainly discussed, each candidate agreed that village housing development and traffic in Banwell were major problems affecting the area.

John Penrose, The Conservative Party: “I think the crucial thing about Winscombe and Sandford is that we are a proper community at the moment and we do not want to lose that. It is absolutely essential we do not become ‘dormitory’ villages.

“We all know about the housing problems, but we need to make sure our villages are affordable for our children and our grandchildren. So we have to build developments sustainably.

“And of course, we go back to Banwell. We did try banning HGVs along there in the past, and it did make a slight difference, but we do not want to move the problem along to people in Sandford. We are essentially stuck with it until the South Bristol ring road is completed.”

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