ITV News: Weston MP welcomes extra hospital funding

The Conservative MP for Weston-super-Mare has welcomed today’s decision by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to give Weston General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department an additional £4.8m to deal with expected increases in demand this Winter.

John Penrose said he had campaigned for better health funding for Weston and the villages for years, and so have hospital staff and GPs too:

“They put together a really strong case, and it looks as though my former boss Jeremy Hunt has been listening. This kind of money will make a real difference for local people needing emergency medical care this winter, when pressure on the service is always high. It means patients don’t have to wait as long to be seen, and they’ll get faster, better treatment locally.”

But Mr Penrose also said; ‘It may not solve all our health funding problems, but it’s a huge step in the right direction, and it shows our message is getting through in Westminster.’

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