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Cleaner Weston Campaign

Stopping crime and drugs in Weston & the villages

Weston is steadily winning its fight against drugs and crime. The number of rehab beds for drug addicts in Weston has nearly halved in six years and, increasingly, the treatment centres that remain are high-quality places that do a great job in helping addicts to rebuild their lives and become normal members of society again.

Before John was first elected as Weston’s MP, our town was plagued by drug-related crime. There were too many addicts being sent here from other parts of the country for treatment and, while some of the treatment centres did a great job, too many were pretty dodgy places that didn’t give addicts a decent chance of beating their habit. The result was that too many addicts dropped out of treatment, slipping under everyone’s radar and often staying in Weston to commit crime to fund their habit.

So in 2004 John launched the Cleaner Weston campaign to give the town fewer, better rehabs. And now, after a lot of hard work by rehab owners, the Police and the Council’s Community Safety and Drug Action Team, things are genuinely getting better. A lot of the dodgier rehabs have closed, and the ones that remain are independently inspected and checked regularly. That means fewer addicts are being sent to Weston in the first place, and the ones that still come are more likely to recover and become normal members of society after their treatment.

Yet, despite these latest breakthroughs and the encouraging figures, there is no denying that there is still a lot of work to be done. We can’t be complacent. Weston needs a clean image to attract visitors, families and jobs, so we mustn’t let drugs and crime put it at risk. John isn’t letting up on the fight.


Penrose hails drop in local crime

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Weston MP John Penrose has welcomed news that local crime is falling sharply, and hailed the police who have helped to achieve it.


Weston’s MP urges Minister to safeguard the Town’s progress on Drug Addiction

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As the ongoing reform of the Probation Service will bring in new private and voluntary organisations to deal with the rehabilitation of offenders, Weston’s MP John Penrose has written to the Justice Secretary to seek assurances that the changes won’t undermine local efforts to improve the quality of rehabs and co-ordinate the treatment of addicts.


This Is Bristol: 'Truly Impressive' Cleaner Weston Campaign results

E-mail Print Is Bristol hails 'truly impressive' results of the Cleaner Weston Campaign, a campaign John launched to to tackle problems caused by the town's unregistered drug rehabilitation centres.


Weston MP hails major step in tackling Weston’s problems with drugs

E-mail Print's MP, John Penrose is hailing new figures which show that the number of rehab beds for drug addicts in Weston has nearly halved in six years.


Weston Mercury: ‘Posher’ Weston is good - MP

E-mail Print Weston Mercury reports on Weston's MP John Penrose's comments that he is delighted that the town is starting to attract ‘posher’ tourists.

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