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Build Up Not Out

For years, I've been campaigning to make it easier for urban property owners to build up to the level of other buildings in the same block without needing planning permission.

This change will make homes more affordable, break the stranglehold of large housebuilding firms on the number of new homes that are built, protect the environment because we are reducing pressure to concrete over greenfield sites and regenerate town centres and High Streets struggling to cope with competition from out of town centres and online retailing.

By axing these outdated planning restrictions and build up, not out, we will create vast amounts of extra building space, protect the environment and make houses cheaper - what's not to like?


The Daily Telegraph: We must do more to protect our finest urban views, says ex-minister John Penrose

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The Daily Telegraph's Senior Political Correspondent, Christopher Hope, reports on John Penrose's article stating that we must do more to protect our finest urban views.


Former Heritage Minister welcomes MPs’ vote for Bill aimed at tackling metal theft

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John supports the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill, just approved by MPs, which targets metal thieves who’ve been vandalising Church Roofs and War Memorials in Weston and the villages, as well as many other parts of Britain too.


MP Congratulates Archaeologists

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John Penrose issues congratulations to the archaeologists who uncovered a major set of Roman remains in Banwell, a discovery being called North Somerset's most important find in over a century.


Former Heritage Minister Celebrates As Heritage Planning Reforms Become Law

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Former Heritage Minister John Penrose yesterday welcomed Parliament’s unopposed agreement to a series of much-wanted heritage planning reforms which he drew up as a Minister.


Metro Article: STOP PRESS: Russians go crazy for Stonehenge

E-mail Print his column for The Metro, Tourism Minister, John Penrose, shares with us his day out with the Olympic Torch and the excellent work that those behind the scenes have been doing to ensure everyone, no matter where they are in the UK and, indeed, the World, gets to see it.


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