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Build Up Not Out

For years, I've been campaigning to make it easier for urban property owners to build up to the level of other buildings in the same block without needing planning permission.

This change will make homes more affordable, break the stranglehold of large housebuilding firms on the number of new homes that are built, protect the environment because we are reducing pressure to concrete over greenfield sites and regenerate town centres and High Streets struggling to cope with competition from out of town centres and online retailing.

By axing these outdated planning restrictions and build up, not out, we will create vast amounts of extra building space, protect the environment and make houses cheaper - what's not to like?


Mercury Article: Can we protect Weston’s beautiful scenery?

E-mail Print this week's article for The Weston Mercury, John talks about the need to protect Urban Views such as the Royal Crescent, its twin in Ellenborough Park, and Uphill’s old church.


Conservatives back calls for special protection of iconic views

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Conservatives in Bath and North East Somerset have backed calls for a new special protection to be created in law for iconic and cherished views.


Former Heritage Minister’s “views listing” proposals gather support

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Following John Penrose’s feature article about ‘listed views’ in The Daily Telegraph last week, the Conservative group on the Council responsible for Bath, one of Britain’s most beautiful cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has come out in support of his idea.


The Daily Telegraph: Now let’s protect our favourite urban views

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John Penrose's article for The Daily Telegraph, about the need to protect Britain's finest town and city views, reproduced in full.


Former Heritage Minister calls for favourite urban views “listing” in Daily Telegraph article

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In a feature article for The Daily Telegraph published today, John Penrose argues that first-rate townscapes, from Bath’s Royal Crescent to the redeveloped Liverpool docks, deserve protection as much as individual buildings, and calls on English Heritage to include them a new system which is simpler and easier to understand.


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