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Build Up Not Out

For years, I've been campaigning to make it easier for urban property owners to build up to the level of other buildings in the same block without needing planning permission.

This change will make homes more affordable, break the stranglehold of large housebuilding firms on the number of new homes that are built, protect the environment because we are reducing pressure to concrete over greenfield sites and regenerate town centres and High Streets struggling to cope with competition from out of town centres and online retailing.

By axing these outdated planning restrictions and build up, not out, we will create vast amounts of extra building space, protect the environment and make houses cheaper - what's not to like?


Village action group supports Penrose housing proposal

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The Weston Mercury reports on a village action group who have welcomed John's ideas for the Government and local Council to seek the benefits of building up rather than out into their villages...


House Building Association responds to John Penrose MP's article on PoliticsHome.

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The Home Building Association responds positively to John's 'Build Up Not Out' on Politics Home. They agree that relaxing restrictions on buildings’ height limits would benefit urban areas and be a good way of identifying new space for homes.


Politics Home: Allowing developers to build 'Up Not Out' could help solve the housing crisis

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The way to solve the housing crisis is to reduce planning restrictions on urban property owners, allowing them to build up to the level of other buildings in the same block, argues John in an article for Politics Home.


John Penrose asks whether the Government's Housing Paper encourages Building Up Not Out...

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John Penrose asks the Minister whether the Government's Housing Paper encourages Building Up Not Out as a way to save our green fields and breathe life back into urban centres...


Ministers confirm big step towards John's up-not-out suggestions...

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Ministers have announced that strict limits on the height of houses could be axed under the biggest overhaul of Britain's planning laws for more than 70 years, matching suggestions John made in his up-not-out campaign.

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