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John writes a fortnightly column for The Weston & Somerset Mercury as Weston-Super-Mare's MP, provides articles for numerous local and national publications, and is regularly interviewed by these avenues too. Copies of these articles and interviews are below:

Mercury Article: What projects should we look for in Weston during 2017?

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In his article for the Weston Mercury, John speaks about what might be in store for Weston during 2017...


Mercury Article: Can 2017 be a bit more normal please?

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In his article for the Weston Mercury, John talks about the need to pull together in 2017 and put the difficult 2016 - that divided regions (Hinkley/Heathrow), nations (Brexit) and the world (Trump) - behind us...


We shouldn't let ticket touts milk loyal fans...

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In his article for The Bristol Evening Post, John discusses the completely unfair ticket touts who are using bots to buy up tickets for sell out events...


Weston Mercury: Judges vs Parliament?

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In his article for the Weston Mercury, John asks whether we really want to encourage a pushing contest between Judges and Parliament...


Enough of doubt and division on leaving the EU. Let’s work together and get it done well.

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In an article for Conservative Home, John discusses the weary old sameness to the Brexit debate at the moment. John calls for those encouraging this feeling to put an end to it and, instead, use the extra energy to work on fundamental issues for the UK's future.


The Times: It’s time to think big to rebalance our economy

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In an article for The Times, John discusses the reasoning behind his calls for a Sovereign Wealth Fund to rebalance the economy...


The Times: Could families in the UK soon be buying homes without a deposit/mortgage?

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In an article by The Times about people who rent potentially being able to buy their homes without a deposit or mortgage, the journalist, Francis Elliott, draws upon some of John's ideas in his Sovereign Wealth Fund paper...


Time to get cracking on Junction 21a...

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Weston’s economy has been growing at a heck of a rate over the last few years, but this does mean we’re starting to feel the pinch in our local infrastructure. In this week's article for the Weston Mercury, John declares it's about time for Junction 21a...


Donald Trump & John McDonnell Stepping Over Lines...

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Did you watch the American presidential campaign TV debate this week? John discusses the hard time he is having getting to grips with Donald Trump’s abusive debating style and how John McDonnell's recent comments that people should 'lynch' a former female MP are of equally poor taste...



Staying Sane In Politics

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"Anyone who thinks politics is a career in the conventional sense, with steady promotions until you become a director or partner, is kidding themselves..." says John in his latest article for the Weston Mercury.

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