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Weston MP welcomes schemes helping people save money on their energy bills

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As energy prices are still on the rise, MP John Penrose is highlighting two new initiatives which have been launched recently to help households who’ve been struggling to heat their homes. The first one, Share the Warmth, sees British Gas offer £50 and free insulation to households in need and another £50 to anyone who can help identify them. The second initiative, organised by consumer group Which, invites consumers to register so they can use collective bargaining power to get a better deal from energy companies.

John said: “Although we’ve not had the same harsh weather this winter as we’d seen in previous years, I know that, as energy prices keep going up, a lot of people are still struggling to pay their heating bills, so anything that can help them to lower their energy costs is a good thing in my book.”

Free insulation can make a big difference in how much you pay – British Gas estimates that households can save up to £175 a year by getting their lofts and cavity walls filled. I’m also a big fan of using consumer power to get a better deal from energy companies. Unfortunately 60% of consumers have never switched suppliers and 75% are on the supplier’s standard tariff. I would of course urge them to compare tariffs online or consider signing up to the Which “Big Switch” scheme – the more people they get, the more bargaining muscle they’ll have!”


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