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Allowances & Expenses

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John published details of the money he has used as Weston-super-Mare’s Member of Parliament on his website from the moment he was elected, long before it became compulsory under House of Commons rules, so that constituents could see clearly how he’s spending taxpayers’ money. As part of the official inquiry into MPs’ expenses that took place in 2009, his parliamentary expenses were audited and given a clean bill of health by the official investigator, Sir Thomas Legg, as well as The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.  John is the second cheapest MP in the area according to the Bridgwater Times and has never voted on his pay or allowances/expenses saying “no one else gets to decide how much they get paid, so why should MPs be any different?”.

You can view all of John’s expenses on the Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority’s website by clicking on this link:

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