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Telegraph: John gives his thoughts on Brexit Amendments

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Yesterday, in Parliament, David Davis said: “The eyes of the nation are on this chamber as we consider this Bill. For many years, there has been a creeping sense in the country – and not just this country – that politicians say one thing, and do another.

“We voted to give the people the chance to determine our future in a referendum, now we must honour our side of the agreement: to vote to deliver on the result.”

Despite these thoughts being shared by the majority, that democracy should always prevail, there are plans by MPs - mostly Labour and SNP - to delay the Brexit decision through Amendments. The Telegraph asked John to provide his thoughts on each amendment, here are his responses:

1) Amendments that regret the referendum and try to stop Britain leaving the EU:
e.g. Caroline Lucas amendment

"Those supporting these amendments have failed to get to grips with the principle behind the referendum. We must respect democracy and remember that the 23rd June result attracted the highest turnout for a quarter of a century – more people voted for Brexit than for anything in British democratic history, ever."

2) Second Referendum amendments:
e.g. Tim Farron and Heidi Alexander amendments

"Those supporting the idea of a second referendum are not being straight with the electorate. They must know that it’s not possible to have a referendum once the deal is agreed at the end of the negotiation process - by then we will have left. They are offering a false choice."

3) SNP amendments calling for effective consultation:
e.g. Angus Robertson amendment

"There has been a vast amount of consultation with the devolved administrations and there will continue to be. What they are really calling for – and they should be forthcoming about this – is a veto but the Supreme Court has ruled that out.

"This amendment issues a whole load of other preconditions which the SNP knows can’t be guaranteed before the negotiations start. The EU has said they won’t start these detailed negotiations until after we trigger Article 50 so the SNP is using any excuse they can find to oppose or delay Brexit."

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