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Daily Mail: May is braced for tomorrow's Supreme Court ruling

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Theresa May will discover at 9.30am tomorrow exactly what she will have to do to officially start her Brexit negotiations as an historic court case finally ends.

The Supreme Court will rule whether she has the power to do so at a time of her choosing or whether she must ask Parliament to vote first.

Her powers were called into question by Remain campaigner and former model Gina Miller - who won an extraordinary victory in the High Court that caused explosive political rows about the role of judges intervening on the will of the people.

The Government appealed and a landmark four day case was heard by all 11 of Britain's most senior judges for four days in December.

Ministers expect to lose their appeal - a decision that will likely trigger a scramble to legislate in Parliament and officially hand Mrs May the powers she needs.

The Prime Minister has vowed to start her talks - done by invoking Article 50 of the EU treaties - before the end of March.

If the Supreme Court simply upholds the High Court ruling, the legislation could be passed within days as it is expected to clear the Commons by a landslide.

But if the Judges impose even more restrictions on Mrs May, it will explode a new row over the political interference of the judiciary.

Former Tory constitutional reform minster John Penrose told MailOnline: 'If the Supreme Court rules against the Government tomorrow, Ministers should table a short and tightly worded Bill in Parliament immediately.

'MPs and Lords must not frustrate the democratic will of the people.

'We’ve had a referendum, the result must be respected and Article 50 should be triggered by the end of March, according to the Government’s timetable.

'Indeed, the House of Commons has already voted for this by 461 votes to 89.'

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