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Daily Mail: Now let's get on with it!

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Brexiteers have urged Theresa May to table an immediate Bill so they can vote on starting talks on quitting the EU as soon as next week.

The Government lost eight votes to three in an historic Supreme Court case - but the result was expected after the four day hearing in December.

Despite the set back, Brexit supporters said the time was now to press on and deliver on the mandate of the British people to quit the EU.

For Labour, Jeremy Corbyn also urged a swift Bill be produced - legislation he plans to try and amend in line with his priorities.

Jacob Rees-Mogg - a constitutional expert on the Tory benches - said: 'The Government was right to appeal as shown by the divided court but will now legislate quickly.

'This can be done by March 31 as the decision to leave has already been validated by the people. 'The clarity on devolution is very important because it stops further potentially vexatious delays.'

John Penrose, speaking for the Tory European Research Group, said a Bill should be tabled immediately.

He said: 'The judges have spoken so Ministers should table a short and tightly worded Bill in Parliament immediately.

'MPs and Lords must not frustrate the democratic will of the people. We've had a referendum, the result must be respected and Article 50 should be triggered by the end of March, according to the Government's timetable.'


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