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John Penrose attends NS Black and Minority Ethnic AGM

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The North Somerset Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Network celebrated their AGM and 10th year Anniversary this weekend just gone. The event was attended by John Penrose MP, Councillor John Crockford-Hawley Chair of North Somerset Council, the Mayoress of Weston and over 100 people.

The organisation started in 2006 and has during the last 10 years been helping and supporting members of the BME Community of North Somerset and participating and working in partnership with other voluntary groups. Also during that time it helped to start BME groups cross North Somerset including The Multicultural Friendship Association (MFA), Nailsea Friendship Association (NIFA), North Somerset Intercultural Dancing Association(NIDA), Portishead Intercultural Network (PIN), and the Philippines Association of North Somerset (FANS).

The speakers from Refugees Welcome North Somerset - Holly Law and Caravans for Calais - Lea Beven and LGBT+ Worldwide - Nigel Briers gave the audience a very interesting presentation.

There was food and a packed programme of performances opened by 14 year old Max Li who gave a wonderful piano rendition.

The Trustees took this opportunity to highlight their need for volunteers and funding to help them continue giving the information and support they have been giving to the community during the last 10 years.

The MP for Weston super Mare John Penrose presented certificates of recognition for help and support to many volunteers and some organisations that with their help have made possible for The BME Network to help hundreds of people during the past ten years.

Mr Penrose said: "our local BME network does great work, making new arrivals feel welcome in Weston and the villages, and helping them get jobs and fit in. Westonians have a proud track record of getting on together and we mustn't lose it, particularly at a time when extremists are trying to preach hate and division elsewhere. Now's the time to show our support for what the BME network does to keep our community together."

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