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Penrose praises Weston Health Trust quality of care record

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John Penrose has congratulated Weston Area Health Trust after the "NHS Safety Thermometer", a tool for measuring and monitoring the quality and standards of care, identified it as one of the most improved hospitals in the country during 2012. In contrast, 91 of the 201 hospitals analysed reported a decline in performance.

John said: "This shows that patients are being properly looked after during their stay in Weston Hospital, while they’re having their operation or course of treatment. Given some of the dreadful stories which we’ve all heard about other NHS hospitals, it’s hugely reassuring to know that staff in Weston are treating their patients as people to be cared for, rather than just numbers on a chart. Weston may be a small hospital, but this shows it’s somewhere we can all be proud of. Well done to the doctors, nurses and management who’ve brought this about".

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