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  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages

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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m John Penrose, your local Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare. Please use this site to find out more about the work I’m doing for Weston, Worle and the villages and how to contact me should you need my help.

Latest News

Pupils of Weston and the Villages still ‘deserve better’ says MP

John Penrose MP has echoed calls from local headteachers who feel that the schools of Weston and the Villages need fairer funding if they are to maintain their excellent standards of education...


MP celebrates 'three years of big success' with local Weston firm

A WESTON-BASED recruitment firm is celebrating its third year in business and has welcomed a visit from the town’s MP, John Penrose, to mark its success.


Bristol Evening Post Article: We know it's boring... but use your vote!

Christmas is a dim-and-distant memory, you’ve given up alcohol or your favourite foods and, to top it all up, it’s freezing outside. What could be more depressing? Well, there’s going to be a general election in just over 3 months’ time… John talks about why, despite making television quite the snooze-fest, it's important to vote.


NS Health Watch: Weston-Super-Mare leads the fight against Hepatitis C

North Somerset Health Watch has followed up the news that Weston-Super-Mare is being held up as the gold standard nationally for treating people suffering with the deadly virus Hepatitis C with a lengthy article that includes comments from John.


Weston Mercury: MP presents award to nursery

The Weston Mercury reports that staff members at the Rainbow Montessori Nursery School in Winscombe were delighted when MP John Penrose presented them with an accreditation award.


Weston Mercury: MP praises double success for NHS teams

The Weston Mercury report on Weston's MP having praised Paramedics for their good performance and Weston General Hospital who recorded their best weekly A&E performance this winter.


MP Interviewed by Weston College's budding broadcast journalists

Budding broadcast journalists at Weston College were given the opportunity to grill their local MP, John Penrose, during a visit to the Media Unit this week as part of their radio production course.


Weston Mercury Article: Are you bored of GE2015 yet?

Just under 100 days to go before the election and the question is: ‘are you bored to tears with it all yet?’ Now we’ve got fixed term Parliaments, everyone knows exactly when polling day will be so election campaigns start miles earlier than they used to....


UK Housing News: Knightstone showcases into work offer and local investment to MP

UK Housing News reports on John Penrose MP's visit to Knightstone Housing's offices in Worle. Whilst there John was shown the positive impact Knightstone's investment is having in and around North Somerset.


Weston Mercury: Three Jobs Clubs to combine resources and help even more Westonians to find work

Westonworks, Weston College and John Penrose MP's Jobs Clubs, which each offer advice and support for those finding employment, have teamed up to work more closely together.


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