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  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages
  • Share The Facts about Weston & The Villages

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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m John Penrose, your local Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare. Please use this site to find out more about the work I’m doing for Weston, Worle and the villages and how to contact me should you need my help.

Latest News

Making Parliament Fairer & Cheaper for British People

A short segment from BBC's Sunday Politics where John Penrose, Minister for the Constitution, comments on making Parliament fairer and cheaper for British people by reducing the number of constituency seats (and, therefore, MP's).


Weston Mercury: Delivering the 'In or Out' referendum

In this week's article for the Weston Mercury, John talks about his two days in the Commons as one of the two Ministers in Charge of the Bill that will give the UK that 'In or Out' referendum.


Minister Shares Ideas With Organisations Inspiring People To Vote

An important part of John's new role as Minister of the Constitution is to raise awareness of the importance and simplicity of voting in important national issues, such as elections and referendums. John has met with a number of organisations that are working to inspire people of all communities and backgrounds to register to vote and thanked them for their hard, ongoing and important work.


Weston Mercury: MP writes to Government in support of Weston's £1m Train Station Renovation Bid

The Weston Mercury Reports on the letter John Penrose has written to the Department for Transport in support of Weston Railway Station's bid to for what Weston's MP considers a ‘crucial’ £1million pot to fund much-needed improvements.


Recap of John's contributions to last week's Constitutional Debates

The BBC have been following John's contributions to debates in the House of Commons through their 'Today in Westminster' feature. Within you will find a summary of the John's input to last week's debates on the Scotland Bill and EU Referendum.


European Union Bill Committee Debate Video: Entitlement to Vote

Following on from July 16th's Debate on the European Referendum, John adds his thoughts to the matter of entitlement to vote. Specifically the debate centres on age and geographical location at the time of the EU referendum.


Wired Magazine: New Voter Registration Hugely Successful

Wired Magazine have provided quotes from the Electoral Commission and John Penrose following the news that one of the biggest changes to electoral registration in almost 100 years has been successful.


European Union Bill Committee Debate Video: Resources & Funding

As Minister for Constitutional Reform, John is heavily involved in the organisation of the EU Referendum. In Day 1 of the European Union Bill Debate John has provided his thoughts on who should be entitled to vote, the length of time the campaign should run for, whether funding should be limited and how/if resources can be kept equal for both sides.


John Penrose - Scotland Bill Committee Debate Video

John's first debate in the House of Commons as Minister sees him involved in committee discussions on the significant electoral powers that are going to be transferred to the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government.


MP Welcomes news of Bleadon Post Office Renovations

Just a few weeks after Weston-super-Mare's Town Centre Post Office reopened and gained positive feedback from local people, the Post Office's Area Manager, David Gold, has confirmed plans to spruce up Bleadon's Post Office too.


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